Call for Artists and Innovators

VERGE makes the invisible visible by showing what’s possible today with off-the-shelf technologies and demonstrating new approaches to big problems.

This year, GreenBiz wants to showcase your work to illuminate, perhaps literally, the themes behind this groundbreaking event.

How might we visualize the Internet of Things? How can innovative art help us experience resilience or big data? How can the vision of a more sustainable future be expressed through performance?

VERGE 16, taking place at the Santa Clara, Calif. Convention Center, September 19-22, will attract more than 1,600 industry and government leaders, all primed for innovation and inspiration. We invite you to consider it a platform, from the main stage to VERGE Interconnect, our interactive vendor and technology showcase, to help bring the event’s themes to life.

Call for Submissions

We are accepting nominations for the three categories of works (see below), as they relate to the event’s focus on the role of technology in advancing sustainability solutions. Even if you have an idea that doesn’t fit neatly into any of these categories, we’d still like to hear about it.

Please note that while GreenBiz will waive exhibitor fees for a limited number of submissions, we cannot pay for travel or shipping, or for commissioning new works. We prefer interactive and experiential, including Technology Demonstrations, Art and Performance Pieces.

To submit an idea for consideration, please send email to [email protected]

Technology Demos

Robotics, wearables, virtual and artificial reality, showcasing the cutting edge of technology innovation.


Paintings, photography, sculpture and multimedia installations that tell a story of what’s happening on our planet, and what’s possible in the future. 

Performance Pieces

Live music, dance, slam poetry and theater, showcasing performers who bring sustainability stories to life through their art.

Cello Joe