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In addition to our roster of cash prizes, we'd like to extend two great post-hackathon opportunities:

Pitch at VERGE Accelerate

GreenBiz Group will review the winner's pool to identify a team (or two) from the Hackathon to pitch during our VERGE Accelerate start-up competition. Each member the selected team(s) will earn a complimentary full conference pass to VERGE SF ($2,000 value).

Path to Dreamforce 2013

We’d like to offer the winners of the 1st, 2nd and Most Creative prizes an opportunity to join us and approximately 20,000 developers in the DevZone at Dreamforce! The winning teams will be given a full conference passes and speaking slot at Dreamforce to demo their app and talk about how they built it.

Did you know Green Day will be performing this year?

We will grant prizes in the following categories:


Best Use of Salesforce (Mobile)

Awarded to the team that best leverages Salesforce enterprise data for mobile implementation

1st prize - $4,500 Cash Prize


2nd prize - $3,000 Cash Prize


Most Creative - $1,000 Retrofitta

Best re-use of an existing code base

Awarded to the team that best leverages an existing open source code for a creative solution (e.g. Code for America Commons)

$750 cash prize


Collecting the Right Data

Awarded to the team that demonstrates the best use of one of our featured data sets (e.g. The Buildings Performance Database)

$500 Cash Prize


Best UI

Awarded to the team with a project that has a simple and intuitive user interface

$500 cash prize


Challenge Boost

Awarded to the team that best addresses one of our presented challenges

$250 cash prize

School Energy IO

Our Judges

Johann Romefort
Founder, PopCards

Johann Romefort is a big-haired Frenchman, but also an entrepreneur and international speaker. These days Johann can be found helping early stage startups (mostly as Advising CTO) and hacking on Raspberry-Pi/Arduino hardware projects.   Read more…

Joel Makower
Chairman & Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group

Joel Makower is a well-respected voice on business, the environment, and the bottom line. As a writer and strategist on corporate sustainability practices and clean technology, he has helped a wide range of companies align environmental goals with business strategy.   Read more…

Raja Rao DV
Developer Advocate,

Developer Advocate - ; Working on JavaScript & Node.js; Ex-VMware, Cloud Foundry, Yahoo!, Zimbra & Bank of America; MCS from UIUC   Read more…

April K. Nassi
Developer Program Manager,

Developer Program Manager at   Read more…


To submit your project for judging on Sunday Sept 22:

1. Please load your project to CollabFinder with the following components:
  • a 250 word description of your hack
  • a 140 description of your hack (should fit in a tweet)
  • a video demo of your working app loaded to youtube or vimeo (2 minute max)
  • a link to your code repository on GitHub
  • *make sure to include the tags "Hack City" and "VERGE" (quotes excluded)
2. Email [email protected] with the following
  • Subject: [Name of your Hack] - Hack City 2013
  • Body:
    • First Name, Last Name + Email address + Mailing Address for ALL team members
    • URL: To your project on CollabFinder
    • URL: To your project on the web (if applicable)
    • Did you use the Building Performance Database? Yes/No
    • Did you address one of the listed challenges? (If yes, please name it.)
    • Did you reuse a code base? (If yes please name the code base.)
    • Attachment: (optional) slides for demo - max 10
Team Leaders should be prepared to answer:
  1. What’s the problem you’re solving?
  2. How are you solving it?
  3. Why is your product better than what’s currently available?