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Hack City SF

September 20, 2013 - September 22, 2013

Hack City is a multi-part development competition demonstrating the impact of combining business and applied information technologies in order to develop solutions that are scalable and sustainable.
  • Needs Developers
  • Needs Designers
  • Needs Graphic Artists
  • Needs Writers
  • Needs Data Scientists
#HackCitySF - Hacking to Scale

At the core of Hack City is a hackathon — an event, typically taking place over a weekend, where groups of people come together in teams to engage in collaborative computer programming.

In addition to a hackathon, there’s also a Hack City Data Jam, in which a diverse set of executives, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and policy experts come together to brainstorm new solutions, based on a collected list of challenges as well as a corresponding list of data sets and other digital tools.

The goal of each: to create an app or solution set that others — cities, businesses, nonprofits, individuals — can readily put to use, not just weekend projects that hit a dead end come Monday morning.

Both the hackathon and the data jam will run Sept. 20 to 22 at the offices of Code for America in San Francisco.

Hack City 2013 + San Francisco's Mandatory Soft Story Ordinance
The newly passed Soft Story Ordinance in San Francisco, will require ~4,300 building owners to undergo a review by an engineer to assess their properties for earthquake safety.

At the Hack City Data Jam, participants will brainstorm around the opportunity to connect these same building owners with information about how to embed sustainability into their retrofits, reducing operating costs and improving the quality of life of the buildings' occupants.

#HackCitySF - Hacking to Scale

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