City Summit

VERGE SF City Summit City Summit is a one-day event focusing on how cities and the private sector are working together to achieve deep carbon reductions through smart city solutions. Its principal goal is to facilitate a more effective dialogue between cities and technology companies in order to scale up solutions that achieve sustainability and resilience goals.

Where and When: October 27, 2014, at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

City Summit will convene a targeted group of city and corporate leaders to focus on what it takes to achieve ambitious carbon reduction goals set by many cities, and how the two sectors can work together to achieve those goals.  The summit is produced in partnership with C40 and the Urban Sustainability Director’s Network (USDN), with the participation and support of other organizations that share the objective of evolving public-private collaboration from ad-hoc and opportunistic to systematic and enduring.

The facilitated, daylong working session will leverage the outcomes of strategic meetings and research conducted by C40, USDN and other key partners on smart-city and climate-change solutions to assess the tools and technologies cities need to achieve their carbon-reduction goals. At City Summit, participants will engage in facilitated discussions aimed at addressing both barriers and opportunities to scaling a wide range of technology solutions, including energy-efficient equipment and vehicles, low-carbon fuels, renewable and alternative energy technologies and smart grid infrastructure.

VERGE SF City Summit Among the key questions we'll address:

  • Technologies and services: What technologies do cities need? What already exists to address those needs and where is there opportunity for innovation?
  • Financing: What innovative financing models and mechanisms are needed to rapidly implement solutions at scale?
  • Public-private partnerships: How do cities develop and sustain successful public- private partnerships to create a marketplace for smart city products and services?

Who Attends

Selected attendee titles:

  • Mayors
  • Deputy City Manager
  • Director of Environment/Sustainability
  • Director of Public Works
  • IT Director
  • Facilities Manager
  • Senior Public Affairs Officer
  • Government Relations Executive
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of Corporate Venture
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Foundation Director

How to attend

The City Summit is a by-invitation session included in the Resilient Cities program track. As part of your All-Access registration, select City Summit as one of your requested agenda items, and our staff will follow-up with you.